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RaiseAChild is the nationwide leader in the recruitment and support of prospective foster parents. As one of the largest non-profits in California, RaiseAChild is grounded in it's commitment of letting love define family for children in foster care.

RaiseAChild originally came to Revv needing to boost their digital marketing presence through social media, digital ads campaigns, and consulting. Over the years, we have helped RaiseAChild grow a strong digital brand presence with marketing strategies designed to find amazing prospective foster families across the country. This year we rebuilt their site, which is a crucial step in their national expansion.




Web Development

Multilingual Website

CMS Curation

SEO Maintenance

Digital Marketing Consultation

Graphic Design

The work in action

Client Struggles

RaiseAChild came to us in need of a new website to address issues with outdated design and poor user experience. They were primarily concerned that their website was not converting enough users due to slow load speed and poor user experience.

As a leader in the foster care community, RaiseAChild needed a website that reflected their role and expertise in the field, while also meeting the needs of their website visitors. Our team worked closely with RaiseAChild to understand their goals and challenges, and designed a new website that was engaging, informative, and effective in attracting prospective parents.

Specific Needs

Website that converts

English-to-Spanish website

Organic SEO strategy

Engaging social media strategy

Digital ads campaign management

Revv Solutions

We have been working with RaiseAChild for years, providing support with social media campaigns, marketing consulting, and ongoing graphic design work. With the new website, we were able to provide RaiseAChild with a platform that matched their position as a leader in the foster care community.

The updated design and user experience ensured that the website effectively communicated RaiseAChild's mission and work, while also making it easier for visitors to find the information they needed to become prospective foster parents. The new website design has enabled RaiseAChild to reach and convert more users, ultimately helping them to achieve their goal of finding loving homes for children in foster care.

“Revv works in collaboration with our internal team, external partners, social media influencers. They are managing our Google Ads, website, SEO, paid ads, generating leads to our events and so much more. Revv has gone above and beyond for us and is paving the way for RaiseAChild in a way we haven’t been able to. They are a very transparent team, great responsiveness, open to suggestions and of course exceptionally creative.”

- RaiseAChild®, Marketing Director