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Global Nomad

Global Nomad is a property management company based in Summit County, Colorado. Global Nomad brings an elevated and impeccable experience to both homeowners and guests.

Global Nomad came to Revv needing a brand identity that reflected their professionalism and their love for all things "Colorado." Website coming August 2023.


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Client Struggles

Global Nomad is a startup born in 2022. They needed a brand identity to match their service and expertise. They valued minimalistic designs with a classic touch but struggled to find a design that worked for them.

As a new company, it was important to establish a strong brand identity that aligned with their vision and attracted their target audience. Our team worked closely with Global Nomad to understand their values and goals, and created a brand identity from scratch that was authentic to them and represented their commitment to excellence.

Specific Needs

Branding that is authentic to mission

Target Audience Development

Revv Solutions

Revv solved Global Nomad's branding struggles by creating a brand identity that perfectly aligned with their vision. We designed a logo that captured the essence of their love for Colorado and their commitment to providing elevated services. Through close collaboration, we kept the overall design minimalistic and classic. Our core focus was to create a sustainable design that will grow with Global Nomad as they expand across Colorado. The new brand identity will help Global Nomad establish a strong presence within the community and attract their target audience.