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Fount Energy

FountEnergy is a wind turbine manufacturing company based in Roscoe, Texas on a mission to bring Texas to Net Zero emissions by 2050.

FountEnergy came to Revv needing a rebrand and new website that matched their bold and modern approach to climate change action.




Website Design

Brand Identity

The work in action

Client Struggles

Prior to working with Revv, Fount Energy struggled with their website and branding. They felt that both did not accurately represent their bold and innovative approach to renewable energy.

Their previous website was difficult to navigate and lacked the user experience needed to relay their services and impact. Fount Energy feared they lacked brand recognition which was hindering their ability to effectively communicate their mission and values to their target audience.

Specific Needs

User-friendly website

Simple and efficient website design

Recognizable and authentic brand identity

Target Audience Development

Revv Solutions

To help Fount Energy target their desired audience and cement themselves in the Wind Turbine market, we developed a modern and sleek brand that is easily identifiable and captures the essence of Fount Energy's innovative approach to renewable energy.

Additionally, we designed a one-page website that streamlines user experience. The result is a bold and modern brand and website that represents Fount Energy's commitment to climate action and positions them as a leader in the fight against climate change in Texas.