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Deeper Than Money

Deeper Than Money is a financial literacy company that came to Revv needing a website audit to identify the cause of a security issue and marketing consultation. Revv was able to successfully resolve 100% of their website security issue and provided marketing consulting for their team to expand their social media strategy across various platforms.




Website Support

Marketing Consulting

The work in action

Client Struggles

Deeper Than Money came to us after struggling for years with a website security issue where ~50% of their users were seeing a security notice when attempting to access their site.

This issue was causing frustration and fear around missing potential customers. Deeper Than Money was also struggling with attracting new users on LinkedIn and TikTok. They had a strong foundation of followers on Instagram but were not seeing success when attempting to venture onto other social media platforms.

Specific Needs

Resolve website security issue

Social media strategy for LinkedIn and TikTok

Revv Solutions

Our team was able to resolve 100% of the security issue. All users attempting to access the Deeper Than Money site are able to do so without any problems or notices. This was a huge relief for the DTM team who can now focus their energy on growing their business through various digital marketing strategies. Revv provided key findings and consultation on their social media strategy and steps to improve for the rest of the year.