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Marketing strategy isn't

strategy isn't

Good marketing requires a balance between art and science.
We do the science.

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Bringing you the science of marketing

Revv Creative is a technical marketing firm specializing in data-backed solutions to common marketing problems.

The first step to epic results

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Analysis over assumptions.

Data-backed, meaningful insights to revive stagnant strategies.

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Uncover opportunities

We help you discover everything you need, and everything you don’t.

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Data-driven insights

We let the number take the wheel to fuel your key decison-making.

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We identify competitive gaps and opportunities for differentiation.

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Viability tracking

We keep you aligned with evolving market demands and trends.

Harness the power of Webflow

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Drive quality

User-centric websites that amplify engagement and conversions.

Engaging experiences

We craft websites that your users actually like (and want) to use.

Speed & efficiency

We reduce your bounce rates and boost your SEO with good code.


Inclusivity is good business- every Revv website keeps this in mind.

Future-proof solutions

We leave room for future growth and technological advancements.

Google won't know what hit them

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Entice and
convert more.

Boost organic visibility by focusing on audience needs and solutions.

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Tailored for success

Never cookie-cutter, always focused on your unique objectives.

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Content refinement

Address customer pain-points and increase your search engine ranking.

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Technical precision

We solve your technical SEO issues through comprehensive audits.

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Local visibility

We help you think big. Improve local presence and geographical reach.

Bring data back down to earth

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Win faster,
more often.

Data-infused strategic consulting for sustainable growth.

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Holistic collaboration

We work in concert with your current marketing team to produce results.

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Precision in execution

We help you become more accurate and precise so you can win every time.

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Informed decisions

We don't believe in flying blind and leverage data to make smart moves.

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Blueprints for success

We don't just tell you the data, we tell you what the data actually means.

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The science in action

We AIM the power of marketing science to diagnose lost revenue opportunities and prescribe a path to higher profits.

Problem identification
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We find new or missed opportunities to drive revenue and results.
Hypothesis formation
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We hypothesize, generate predictions, and map steps for success.
Move The Needle
Observation & examination
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We develop repeatable strategies that deliver sustainable results.
others do the art. we do the science.

Marketing is a science

Diagram of the art and science of marketing. On the left side is the text "Ideas" that is next to two circles creating a diagram where the first circle is titled with "Art: branding, graphic design, website design, social media content" is conjoined with the second circle titled with "Science: audits, analysis & reporting, SEO, website development". On the right side of the circles is "Results" with an arrow underneath. This symbolizes that ideas go into marketing and art is tytpically the first step with design and branding followed by the science of marketing which is laying a strong data-backed and technical application. This yields positive results.

We're not your average marketers—we're the data nerds and the marketing scientists passionate about decoding the secrets of boosting revenue.

We've mastered the power of technical applications and data-backed strategies to help our clients win faster, more often.

industries we serve
Strike 1
Red target with four missed arrows

Risk: Missing the initial strategy alignment with goals and audience.

Remedy: Increase accuracy with micro-experiments and brand assessments.

Strike 2
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Risk: Flawed execution or ineffective implementation of the strategy.

Remedy: Incremental steps to make real time updates to avoid costly missteps.

Strike 3
Red dial with a min and max. The pointer is set directly in the center of "min" and "max". This symbolized being stuck.

Risk: Failing to adapt or optimize strategies based on performance.

Remedy: Strategies remain strong and  dynamic to changing market conditions.

Three strikes and you're out!

Similar to baseball, you get three strikes when launching a marketing campaign. You can miss the first pitch, but you can’t afford to miss the other two if you want to win. When you strike out, you risk overspending and diminishing your results.

We make sure you don't strike out
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Yay sports

small team. huge results.

Take me to
your leaders

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Sarah Sturch co-founder at Revv Creative
Sarah Sturch
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Hi, I'm Sarah, and I love being in-the-know. I always have a pulse on evolving marketing and tech trends. I love helping our clients save time and money by implementing marketing solutions right the first time.

I'm probably the tallest woman you've ever met!

Zoie Noone co-founder at Revv Creative
Zoie Noone
LinkedIn logo red

Hi, I'm Zoie 👋 I love to pull up my boots and get knee deep into the strategy of each project. My favorite thing about my job is getting into the cracks of SEO and web development strategy to unearth hidden wins for our clients.

I'm secretly a major Bachelor/Bachelorette fan!

First step: Viability

for success

We start you with a comprehensive viability report so you can end with the best results possible.


Tailored for businesses with
revenue of $500k or less.

Estimated timeline: 4 to 5 weeks

What’s Included:

Website analysis

Positioning assessment

Social media strategy

Digital ads performance

Industy-specific metrics

Key suggestions & insights

Competitor analysis

Custom KPIs


Tailored for startups with
revenue of $2M or less.

Estimated timeline: 4 to 5 weeks

What’s Included:

Website analysis

Positioning assessment

Social media strategy

Digital ads performance

Industy-specific metrics

Key suggestions & insights

Competitor analysis

Custom KPIs


Crafted for companies with
revenue surpassing $2M.

Estimated timeline: 5 to 7 weeks

What’s Included:

Website analysis

Positioning assessment

Social media strategy

Digital ads performance

Industy-specific metrics

Key suggestions & insights

Competitor analysis

Custom KPIs


Sky rocketing reviews

Couldn’t recommend Revv highly enough if you’re looking for a company to help you navigate your marketing. Their audit gave me specific feedback and then offered multiple solutions based on budget and timeline.

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Ellie C.
Fairway Mortgages

Their strategies significantly boosted my web traffic, enhancing my online presence noticeably within months. Professional and results-oriented, they've been pivotal in growing my company.

Testimonial bio image
Austin O.

Collaborating on feedback, understanding our brand and what we're trying to accomplish and providing valuable insight. Excellent work! We look forward to continuing our partnership with Revv!

Testimonial bio image
Marc B.
Global Nomad

They work in collaboration with our internal team, external partners, social media influencers. Revv has gone above and beyond for us and is paving the way for RaiseAChild in a way we haven’t been able to.

Testimonial bio image
Rich V.

Revv has done outstanding work to improve our social media presence and online accessibility, which has in-turn directly increased our site exposure, direct access clients, and business referrals.

Testimonial bio image
Rachel K.

They simplify the process of online marketing and social media by having a specific plan and layout for you to follow. Their creativity and knowledge of marketing boosts your business. I am beyond impressed.

Testimonial bio image
Tracy M.
Bounce Back

Revv was able to help my company identify blind spots in our online presence that have been a game changer for obtaining new clients. They’ve made SEO and brand strategy approachable for us.

Testimonial bio image
Emily E.
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You know what they say,
"happy clients, happy life"

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